Dear Landlord who is also our flatmate,
I totally agree with you: people should accept criticism and people who don't say things to one and would only say it behind their back aren't true friends.
I do accept criticism.  In my humble opinion, I think if people want to criticise others, they should do it in a friendly way.  However, your criticism is put in an authoritative way.  I have lived here for only 2 months, yet I've been criticized by you very often.  I really don't want to take it too personal, but I couldn't help think so.  Your authoritative criticism made me feel that I live here without paying the rent.  Don't I pay? If I do pay the rent, shouldn't I have a part of the right to live in the house and use things or equipment that the landlord allows us to use?  Indeed, you are the landlord and live in this flat as well, but that doesn't mean you have the right over us.

Like you, I know nobody is perfect.  However, I don't like to criticise people.  I accept people's weakness if we are friends.  I don't criticise friends but give them my genuine thoughts or opinions.  I don't know where you get the impression or stereotype about us, Taiwanese, being lazy or dirty.  We did do our clean.  We cleaned the stove after cooking.  We wiped the part that we dirtied right away.  We also washed dishes after eating and seldom piled our dishes or left them in the sink over night.  We cleaned the floor that we dirtied.  We took care of rubbish in the bathroom and took rubbish out as well.  Should we report to you every time we clean the house?  We're not like you: tell people that you clean the house and tell others that they don't clean and say they're dirty.  To us, cleaning is a daily task, not a weekly work!!  Yes, we appreciate you did the 90% of cleaning.  However, you often dropped small dots of food on the stove without cleaning.  You sometimes piled the dishes and left them in the sink over night (do you know it's really not convenient for people who want to use the sink? Have you every think of that?).  We did clean the whole stove sometimes and washed some of your dishes sometimes.  It's fine that we didn't get your appreciation because we were washing the dishes anyway.  However, you kept accusing us that we are dirty and we don't clean.  You often told us that we didn't switch off the fan in the bathroom and even shout at us one time about it.  However, we did turn it off.  You often forgot to swift it off, and we turn it off without telling you.
Yes, you're right that I should be more aware of my locks of hair on the floor.  I don't deny many of them are my hair, and I am being aware of them.  However, please don't forget there are 3 girls living in this flat.  Whenever you see locks of hair, you say they are mine.  I couldn’t help think it's personally.  I think you didn't allow any possibility that the locks of hair aren't mine.
The washing incident yesterday was an accident.  We wanted to do our laundry, but your clothes were in the washer.  We thought hanging them for you but we didn't know where to put them.  We didn’t put them in the plastic bag, yet who put them is no longer important.  You didn't believe what we said and accusing us doing it as well as saying something not relevant.  Everything seems wrong to you when you're in one of your mood.
We don't like to argue or fight with people.  If you ever notice, we seldom said something seriously back to you when you said we are dirty and lazy.  That's because we don't like to argue!  We just tried to do whatever you said and satisfied you.  I've lived here for only 2 months, and I'm tried already.  If you find that it's difficult to cope with us or cooperate with us, I can move out.  Just let me know.  You have the right to find your ideal tenant.  I think no matter how hard we try, we'll never satisfy you.


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