I'm in the library at school.  I feel like to write something, but I can't type Chinese on the computer.  Please, therefore, bear my English.

I feel so tired.  I went to bed by 5am this morning and woke up by 11am.  What was I doing?  Study.  Prepare my presentation for tomorrow.  I enjoyed very much in doing it because I had to work hard on it and think.  That made my solidest study so far.

I often think it's stupid to come here.  The study isn't as good as I thought, and I'm spending much money on the program that I'm not satisfied with.  I have compromised with what I've got because I'm here already and I don't have any choices.  My goal is to finish it and obtain my degree. 

I wonder, sometimes, if I had made a wrong decision to come here.  Honestly, I wouldn't mind if it's wrong.  I won't be able to know the answer unless I have done it.  If it's wrong, indeed, please let me know.


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